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RUBIS BISS Gr Ch Riginal SV Harley N Rose ET (AI)
Date of Birth: 27th September 2004
Hips 2:2 Grade 0  Int Grade A
Elbows 0:0


Harley's Champions No 1

Harley 6 1/2 yrs

6 1/2 yrs

Harley 6 1/2 yrs at Toowoomba Royal 2011

Harley in the ring almost 6yrs


Harley 5 yrs winning Runner up BEST IN SHOW (All Breeds) October 2009


Harley 4yrs


Harley almost 3 yrs old

    Harley at the National      At 18mths Harley takes BOB &
                       2006                    BIG-2 at the Toowoomba Royal!!     

The new champ at 14mths!

Harley at 8mths!!


Harley 3mths!

Harley & Harry at 11 wks!


Harley above & at left 10wks!


Harley above at 8wks & on left at 9wks!