Aust Sup Ch Nambala Acopie ET Pedigree
Aust Ch Almazart Captive Fyre Pedigree


Pups have all gone to their new homes! 

***Presenting the Leaplings***
10 beautiful babies! 4 boys & 6 girls, all ridged, no DS detected
at this stage but will continue to check weekly.
One little girl, Miss Red, was only about half the birth weight of her
brothers & sisters but is gaining weight nicely. She also has
extra crowns in her ridge, a kinked tail & heaps of white on her tummy.
All the other pups have lovely show ridges except Mr Orange who
has an extra crown & Miss Aqua who 
only has 1 crown!
Mr Black has a very tiny kink in his tail.

Click here to see pups newborn to 6 wks

Gorgeous puppy pile at 7 wks:-)

Pups below at 8 wks
Mr Green – ‘Bob’

Mr Black – ‘Stanley’

Miss Pink – ‘Pirate’

Miss Purple – ‘Jojo’

Miss Red – ‘Opal’

Miss Lime – ‘Orlagh’Miss Yellow – ‘Gigi’Mr Blue – ‘Bodhi’

Mr Orange – ‘Ringo’Miss Aqua – ‘Ziva’