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  1. Hi there! Just wanted to say that I think your dogs are just fabulous!! Hoping to get a Riginal someday soon!! I’m a huge fan of these amazing creatures!! Can’t say enough great things about them!! I’d love to be vetted and considered to be on your waitlist for your next litter!!

  2. I think your dogs are beautiful examples of the breed and I am very excited about Flare’s upcoming litter. Hope it all goes well

  3. Well done beautiful Flare, clever girl, congratulations on your wonderful win 🌻

  4. Hi Dale , we had a bearstar puppy Doulans’s litter brother also born same day bearstar jasper Ko (Banjo). I always thought the bump on the bridge of his nose was caused from hitting something, Doulan has or had the same bump . Beautiful dog he was
    Great website

  5. Hi
    Just letting you know that my beautiful & loyal to the end “Xola” died today 9/8/2019.

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