Ch Riginal SV Diva Rose

27th September 2004
– 6th September 2010
Another shining star in the sky, deeply loved & missed by Krissy, Jamie, Lauren
& Abbey

Hips 2:4
Elbows 0:0


Diva 5 yrs

Diva 4yrs


Diva’s babies

2 days old
Diva with
her lovely litter!



Diva (on left) has achieved her
Australian Title with
multi BOB &
Reserve In Group
(BIG 2) wins to her credit 🙂

Diva lives in North
Queensland with Krissy, Jamie, Lauren, Abbey, fellow ridgies Willow & Xander…Look out for her in the ring :-)))


Diva at 3mths!


Diva on left & above 11wks!!


Diva left & above 10wks!

Diva pictured at 9wks above & on left!