Winners Bitch in Seattle, well done Lottie & Isabela!!

Lottie having a cool down whilst out horse riding :-)))

Lottie move 22mths!


The new champ at 22mths!




Lottie in the ring July 2006

Lottie at 21mths



Lottie almost 18mths

Lottie 16mths 🙂

Lottie at Adelaide Royal where she won Puppy In Group!!!!

Lottie on the move at 81/2 months!!

Lottie at 3mths :-)))



Lottie at 8wks

Lottie at 11wks




10 wks


Lottie above & on left at 8wks



See more of Lottie at her great home
in the USA with Isabela & Eric

Sweet Creek Rhodesian Ridgebacks