Dusty had one puppy in the afternoon,
after 3 hours & heaps of stressing we took her to the vet to discover that the
next little girl was sideways!!!!! With Dusty & another 8 puppies pushing
against it there was no possibility that she was going to move, a
caesarean was performed & the little girl who was holding everything up as well
as all the rest of her brothers & sisters were all delivered safely!!!!

Dusty & all her babies are now doing
fine :-))

One day old!!

Two days

The puppies numbers are the order in
which I pulled them out of the box except for the first little boy!!!

Individual shots below at 4 days!!!

No 1 Boy

No 2 Girl

No 3 Boy

No 4 Girl

No 5 Girl

No 6 Boy

No 7 Boy

No 8 Girl

No 9 Girl

No 10 Boy