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31/12/09 In South Australia Guna’s daughter Bid is Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Junior in Group ;-))
05/12/09 At Durack tonight Guna’s daughter Coco is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!!
04/12/09 Big Congratulations to Lottie aka Aust/Am Ch Riginal SV Rose Tattoo JC HIC, 14 puppies, 8 girls & 6 boys, all ridged, no kinks, no excess white, sired by DC Of Afrikka Airborne Envoy, SC NA NAJ RNwell done to all concerned :-))
29/11/09 At Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Harley is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of BreedDalton is Challenge Dog &Easy wins Puppy in Group!

In SA Guna’s daughter Bid wins Junior in Group 😉

10/11/09 Great news from Victoria with Guna & Bailey’s son Hawk aka Kushika Secret Intention receiving hip scores 4+2=6, elbows 0+0, well done 😉
07/11/09 Great results again tonight at Durack under another international judge with Guna & Kendra’s daughter Stevie winning a very nice Challenge Bitch & Mika once again being awarded Best Veteran in Group!!!

At the Open Show today Dalton is Best Dog & Best of Breed Easy is Best Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!

06/11/09 Tonight at Durack under international judges Jelani & Kierra’s son Rocky aka Aust Ch LaSimba Rocky Boy ET wins Challenge Dog & Best of Breed, well done Jo!!! Big congrats to Doulen & Nala’s daughter Mika aka Aust Grand Champion Marmatia Donala Milika who was Best Veteran in Group, well done Leslie!!!
03/11/09 Melbourne Cup show today in Brisbane & Guna’s daughter Karla is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!
01/11/09 At Glenn Innes today Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed!!

Today Guna’s daughter Bid is Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed & Junior in Group!

31/10/09 In Qld today big well done to Jo & breeder Fiona on Pebble’s Australian Champ Title, she took her title in fine style taking Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed 🙂 Aust Ch LaSimba Twist And Shout ET is the sixth titled progeny for Dad Doug & is the third from the lovely combination of Doug & Zennie to achieve their title 🙂

In Glenn Innes Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & his daughter Doti is Challenge Bitch & Runner up Best of Breed!

At Alstonville Pink is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!

Bid is Junior in Group at the morning show & Challenge Bitch & Runner up Best of Breed at the afternoon show!

25/10/09 At Port Macquarie today Harley is Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Reserve Exhibit in GroupRuger is Reserve Challenge Dog & Stevie is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Australian Bred in GroupEasy placed 3rd in the 6 -12 mth all breeds sweepstakes!
24/10/09 What a great day we had today with Harley taking Challenge BitchBest of BreedBest Exhibit in GroupRUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW & Consolation to Best in Show!!! Guna’s daughter Stevie was Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of BreedDalton was Reserve Challenge Dog!!

Check out a great pic of Meisha & Bakari here!

Mega Congratulations to Owners Kay, Steve & Jodie, Breeders Sue & Ron, & Kobe who is now known as Aust Grand Champion Mieridge Gatsbys Aplawz AI. Kobe took this title in fine style by taking Best of Breed & Best in Group!! Kobe is the sire of Litter 11 🙂

19/10/09 Check out some great pics of Abby at 7 mths here!
18/10/09 Today in NSW Guna is again Challenge Dog & Best of Breed with Doti taking Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed & Australian Bred in Group again 😉

In Nth Qld Doug’s son Zeus is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed again today, well done Julie!

17/10/09 Show #1tonight at Durack, with a large breed entry under an International judge Guna’s daughter Karla is Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Intermediate in Group & Doulens daughter Pink is Reserve Challenge Bitch well done girls 😉

In NSW today Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & his daughter Doti is Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed & Australian Bred in Group!

In Nth Qld Doug’s son Zeus is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed!

12/10/09 Check out a lovely shot of Guna’s daughter Lexus & some great new pics of Xander & Diva 🙂
11/10/09 At Durack today Ruger was Reserve Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed.
At the Open Show Ruger was Reserve Best Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed again, Stevie was Best Bitch Pink was Reserve Best Bitch!
10/10/09 In SA Guna’s daughter Bid is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!
05/10/09 Check out some great pics of Bakari & Meisha, thanks Renee 🙂 Also some excellent shots of Kobe – BIS Ch Mieridge Gatsbys Aplawz AI, sire of our 2007 litter!

Guna is Reserve Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed at Tamworth today!

04/10/09 In Nth Qld today Doug’s son Zeus is Challenge DogBest of Breed & Reserve Exhibit in Group, well done Julie!!

In SA Bid is Reserve Challenge Bitch at both shows today!

03/10/09 We had 2 Champ shows at Durack tonight, at the 1st show Guna’s daughter Karla takes Challenge Bitch Runner up Best of Breed & Dalton is Reserve Challenge Dog!
At the 2nd show Guna’s daughter Stevie is Challenge Bitch & Best of BreedDalton is Reserve Challenge Dog & Minor Puppy in Group!Zeus was Challenge Dog & Best of Breed again today 🙂Bid is Reserve Challenge Bitch in SA today!

In Tamworth today Guna is Reserve Challenge Dog & his daughter Doti is Reserve Challenge Bitch!

27/09/09 Great news from Sweden with Ruger’s Dad Minos taking the final pts required for his Finnish Championship Title he is now known as SuCh FinCh African Hunter’s Amazing Baskervill  well done Annika :-))

In Brisbane today Ruger is Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of BreedDalton is Reserve Challenge DogAsh is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Lexie is Minor Puppy in Group well done!! Lexie & her best mate Max are visiting Qld for a few weeks while their Mum & Dad are on holidays so Lexie came to visit for a couple of shows!
At the Open Show Dalton surprised everyone by taking Best DogBest of Breed – over older titled competition – & Minor Puppy in Group & Easy is Reserve Best Bitch!

20/09/09 Harley is Reserve Challenge Bitch at Durack today!
19/09/09 Check out all the excellent results from RRCQ Inc Specialty Open Show & Hound Club of Qld Inc Open Shows 😉
17/09/09 Some more pics of Kean at the Specialty in July  🙂
13/09/09 Guna is Reserve Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed at Gunnedah today!

Zeus is again Challenge Dog & Best of Breed in Nth Qld!

Toowoomba today at the Open Show Easy is Baby of Breed!

12/09/09 Bid makes it down the final 4 for Puppy in Group at Adelaide Royal today 🙂

At Beenleigh Ruger is Challenge Dog & Best of BreedStevie is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Angus is Reserve Challenge Dog:-))

Today at Gunnedah Guna is Reserve Challenge Dog!

In Nth Qld Doug’s son Zeus is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed!

At Allora Harley is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Easy is Baby of Breed.

07/09/09 Great pics of Kody enjoying her favourite activity :-))
06/09/09 In Brisbane today Harley wins Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of BreedCoco is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Easy wins Baby of Breed!!

Today in Nth Qld Zeus is again Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!!

05/09/09 In Nth Qld today Zeus is Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!!
04/09/09 At Adelaide Royal Bid takes Puppy of Breed!
30/08/09 Today at Coffs Harbour Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed again, well done Guna!

At Wondai today Harley takes a lovely Challenge Bitch Best of Breed ;-)))

In SA Bid takes another nice Challenge!!

Zeus is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed in Nth Qld again today, well done Zeus!

29/08/09 At Coffs Harbour Guna is Challenge Dog Best of Breed!

Klancie is Reserve Challenge Bitch at Wondai today & Dalton wins Best Baby Puppy in Group 🙂

In Nth Qld today Zeus is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed!

28/08/09 Coffs Harbour today & Doti is Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Best Australian Bred in GroupGuna is Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!

At Wondai tonight Klancie is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of BreedHarley is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Easy wins Best Baby Puppy in Group 🙂

23/08/09 Combined Northern Rivers Kennel Club held their shows at Murwillumbah this weekend, today we had Guna Reserve Challenge Dog & his daughter Doti was Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed & Australian Bred in Group over his other daughter Karla who was Reserve Challenge Bitch!

We entered Doug for Brisbane today – he hates staying home – he took Challenge Dog & Best of BreedHarley was Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed & Ruger was Reserve Challenge Dog & Easy took Baby of Breed  😉
At the Open Show Ruger is Best Dog & Best of BreedStevie is Best Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed & Guna’s daughter Ashis Reserve Challenge Bitch, well done to Easy – expertly handled by Sarah – on another Baby of Breed award!!

22/08/09 Bid is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Puppy in Group in SA today!

In Nth Qld today Zeus is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed!

At Murwillumbah Guna is Reserve Challenge DogRunner Up Best of Breed & Reserve Exhibit in Group while his daughter Karla is Challenge Bitch 🙂

21/08/09 Today at Murwillumbah Guna is Reserve Challenge Dog & his daughter Karla is Reserve Challenge Bitch.
18/08/09 Added some lovely pics of DustyStorm & Patience to the Family Album!
15/08/09 Well done to Guna’s daughter Bid Kushika Secret Bid who was Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed in SA today!

Lexie Riginal Witchy Woman takes a nice Baby of Breed in Vic 😉

11/08/09 Received great news today, Ruger has received a score of 3+3=6 for his hips & 0+0 for his elbows, International Grade B, Australian Grade 1, well done :-))
10/08/09 Excellent results from this years  Brisbane Royal with Coco winning Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed over her Dad Guna who took Challenge Dog & Runner up Best of Breed 🙂 BIG well done to Ruger who was Reserve Challenge Dog & Pink who was Reserve Challenge Bitch, talk about keeping it in the family, great to see 🙂
05/08/09 Check out a couple of great pics of Tink in her new home 🙂 also some gorgeous ones of Abby & Pink!
02/08/09 In Brisbane today Harley is Challenge Bitch & Best of BreedRuger is Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of BreedStevie is Reserve Challenge Bitch!!

Today Bid is Reserve Challenge Bitch at the first show & Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Puppy in Group at the second show!!

01/08/09 At Pine Rivers Show today Guna’s daughter Ash was Reserve Challenge Bitch & Intermediate in GroupDalton wins Baby Puppy in Group 🙂

Down south Bid had 2 shows at the first show she was Reserve Challenge Bitch & at the second show she wins Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed!

25/07/09 VERY exciting news from Swedish RR Specialty held at Tjolöholms Castle with Kean S Ch SV-09 KoDust RV Touch O Chillitaking Best MaleBest Gaited Dog & was Best Opposite Sex, also well done to Ruger’s Dad Minos S Ch African Hunter’s Amazing Baskervill who placed 2nd Best Male, excellent results!!!

Received excellent news from America with Lottie becoming an American Champion by taking Best of Winners Best of Opposite last weekend, she is now Am/Aust Ch Riginal SV Rose Tattoo JC HIC AI well done Lottie & Isabela 🙂

Down south Guna’s daughter Bid takes Puppy in Group while up in the North Doug’s son Zeus wins Challenge DogBest of Breed & makes the cut for Group, well done to all!!!

21/07/09 Finally some new pics of Dalton & Easy 😉
19/07/09 In Brisbane today Klancie takes Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed while Harley is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!

Zeus is again Challenge Dog & Best of Breed in Nth Qld 🙂

18/07/09 Today at Samford Harley wins Challenge Bitch & Best of BreedStevie is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed & Ruger wins Challenge Dog & Junior in Group!!

In Nth Qld Doug’s son Zeus wins Challenge Dog Best of Breed, well done Julie!

16/07/09 Check out the stunning new stack shots of Lexie 😉
12/07/09 Today at the Hound Club of Qld Championship show Guna’s daughter Stevie is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed & Harley is Reserve Challenge Bitch 🙂 Dalton strutted his stuff & was Baby of Breed!

In Nth Qld today Zeus again takes Challenge Dog Runner Up Best of Breed, good boy!

Today Guna’s daughter Bid is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner up Best of Breed 🙂

11/07/09 We are very proud to announce that Doulen & Meisha’s handsome son Kean in Sweden achieved his Swedish Champ title at Alfta Kennel Club by going Best Male & BOS, he is now known as S Ch SV-09 KoDust RV Touch O Chilli, well done Kean & Veronica 🙂

At Dayboro Show Society today Stevie takes Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Open in Group & Ruger is Challenge Dog & Runner up Best of Breed!

Lexie has her show debut in Melbourne, she behaved very nicely & was awarded Baby of Breed, she also received many lovely comments from other RR breeders/exhibitors 🙂

In Nth Qld Doug’s son Zeus takes Challenge Dog & Best of Breed!

Down South Guna’s daughter Bid is Reserve Challenge Bitch!

07/07/09 A great new pic of the gorgeous Lexie & Mr Douglas Dog 😉
05/07/09 In Brisbane Klancie is Reserve Challenge Bitch.

In NSW Guna wins Challenge Dog & Best of Breed, his daughter Doti was Challenge Bitch & Runner Up  Best of BreedIndywas Reserve Challenge Bitch well done on a lovely weekend!

04/07/09 Guna wins Challenge Dog & Best of Breed, his daughter Doti is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up  Best of Breed & Indy is Reserve Challenge Bitch in NSW!
28/06/09 At Gympie today Ruger takes Challenge Dog , Best of Breed & Puppy In GroupHarley is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Daltonbeats Easy for Baby of Breed at their first show, such good little puppies 🙂

In SA Bid takes Reserve Challenge Bitch, well done!

21/06/09 Big Congrats to Zeus who takes Challenge Dog & Best of Breed again, well done Julie 🙂
20/06/09 In Nth Qld well done to Doug & Zennie’s son Zeus who took Challenge DogBest of Breed & Runner Up in Group 🙂
18/06/09 Check out a couple of new pics of Lexie 🙂
14/06/09 Introducing our beautiful new Grand Daughter Jemma here!

At the Swedish RR Specialty in Stockholm today Kean KoDust RV Touch O Chilli finishes as Best Male 4, well done!

In Qld today Doug’s daughter Pebble was Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed, well done Jo!

13/06/09 In Brisbane Coco is Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Junior in Group, well done!
08/06/09 Guna takes Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed in Brisbane & his daughter Coco is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Junior in Group, well done!
07/06/09 Well done to Guna who was Reserve Challenge Dog in Brisbane today!

In South Australia Guna’s daughter Bid takes Reserve Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed & Minor Puppy in Group, well done!

Kean KoDust RV Touch O Chilli finishes as Best Male 3 in Sweden, well done!

06/06/09 What a great day at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Qld Specialty show judged by Mrs Janet Parker (UK) – Rejan RR’s – Guna & Kendra’s daughter Stevie Aust Ch Kenjala Starz Inher Eyez AI took Challenge Bitch & Runner Up to BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW!! Big Congrats to Shane, Kerrie & Stevie for this GREAT win :-))))) More great results here!
05/06/09 Well done to Guna & Mashiri’s son Blitz Adbesare Blitzen who has received a very nice hip score 1+2=3, elbows 0+0, excellent news 🙂
31/05/09  Check out some new pics of AbbyAbby LLexieEasyDalton & Indy!

Today at Coffs Harbour Doti takes Challenge Bitch, good girl Doti!

30/05/09 At Coffs Harbour today Guna takes Challenge DogBest of Breed & makes the cut for the Group, well done Wendy & Guna 😉
29/05/09 Big Congratulations to MBIS BISS Spring Valley’s Great Gatsby ROM on his Veteran In Show win – almost 11 yrs of age – at this years RR National in the States, also well done to his son Bruno MBIS Ch Of Afrikka Spring Valley Dorian Gray JC on his Best In Show win ;-))

Received hip scores for Selous Riginal Althrite Reasons in New Zealand, hips 3+4=7, elbows 0+0 well done Selous 🙂

24/05/09 At Manilla & District Kennel Club today Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & his daughter Doti takes Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed 🙂

Bid takes Reserve Challenge Bitch again today!

23/05/09 Guna takes Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & his daughter Doti is Challenge Bitch at Manilla & District Kennel Club!

Guna’s daughter Bid takes Reserve Challenge Bitch at both shows today!

In Sweden Kean finished Best Male-3, breed entry of 58 😉

20/05/09 Links to the puppies individual pages here!
17/05/09 What a great weekend for Guna & his kids, well done to all!

Today at the 1st Show at the Gold Coast Stevie took Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Best Exhibit In GroupRuger wins Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed & Coco takes Reserve Challenge Bitch!

At the 2nd show Doug is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed with Stevie taking Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of BreedReserve Challenge Dog & Best Puppy In Group went to Ruger & Reserve Challenge Bitch was Klancie

16/05/09 Gold Coast tonight & Guna’s daughter Coco takes her Australian Championship Title at 16 1/2 mths with style, Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Reserve Exhibit in Group, well done Sarah & Bev!! Stevie takes Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed Doug is Challenge Dog!
At the Open Show Klancie wins Intermediate In Group!Guna’s daughter Ash also did well today at Gympie taking Challenge Bitch Best of Breed, well done Leslie :-)Not to be outdone by his daughters Guna wins Challenge Dog Best of Breed at Coffs Harbour today!
13/05/09 New puppy pics at 8wks here!

Sire’s Progeny photo from the Easter Specialty here!

10/05/09 In New Zealand Selous’ daughter Yoda takes Best of Breed!!

Durack today & Stevie takes Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed, well done!

09/05/09 At Durack this evening Klancie wins Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of BreedAngus takes Reserve Challenge Dog!

Some random shots of the pups at 7 1/2wks here!

06/05/09 Puppy pics at 7wks here!
04/05/09 Today at Mareeba & Dist Kennel Club Zeus takes Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed, well done Julie & Zeus!
03/05/09 In NSW today Pink wins Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Intermediate In Group, super well done to Angus who was Challenge Dog & Runner up Best of Breed, this win gave Angus the points he needed for his Australian Title, Aust Ch Riginal SV Fire Ya Guns AI  well done Sarah & Geoff, Angus is our seventeenth Champ & his Mum Patience now has 6 Champions to her credit & will be eligible for her ROM (Register of Merit) Angus also gives his sire Gatsby his ninth Australian Champion!

At Mareeba & Dist Kennel Club Doug’s son Zeus wins Challenge DogRunner Up Best of Breed & Intermediate In Group!

30/04/09 A lovely new pic of Jelani at 10 yrs of age, thanks Rachel for the lovely photos:-)

New puppy pics here!

27/04/09 Maggie takes Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed in Victoria today 🙂
26/04/09 Today at Durack Stevie wins Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Reserve Exhibit in Group with another Guna Daughter Cocotaking Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed, very happy to see Doulen & Meisha’s son Bakari take Challenge Dog & Ruger was Reserve Challenge!
At the Open Show Doug wins Best DogBest of Breed & Best in GroupKlancie is Best Bitch & Runner up Best of Breed & Ruger wins Reserve Dog :-)In South Australia Bid again wins Reserve Challenge Bitch & Minor Puppy in Group, well done!
25/04/09 Today at Gunnedah Guna wins Reserve Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!

At Caboolture Kennel Club tonight Tink wins Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed & Doug was Challenge Dog!
At the Open Show Klancie was Best BitchBest of Breed & Reserve Exhibit In Group!

South Australia Bid wins Reserve Challenge Bitch & Minor Puppy in Group!

24/04/09 At Gunnedah today Doti wins Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed with Guna taking Reserve Challenge Dog 🙂
19/04/09 Finally …. after the rain last weekend & nowhere to take photos, we finally with the help of Kerrie & the crew have new puppy pics at 4 1/2 weeks!

At Innisfail today Zeus wins Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed, well done!

Also some late news with Hawk Kushika Secret Intention winning Minor Puppy In Group on the 10th & 11th April, well done 😉

18/04/09 Check out our excellent results from the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Inc Specialty here 😉

Bid wins Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed in South Australia 🙂

Zeus wins Reserve Challenge Dog at Innisfail!

13/04/09 Congratulations to Guna’s daughter Coco who won Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Reserve Exhibit In Group at Bundaberg, what a good girl!
12/04/09 In South Australia Guna’s daughter Bid wins Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed at both shows today 🙂

Coco wins Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed again at Bundaberg  🙂

11/04/09 In South Australia Guna’s daughter Bid wins Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!

In Victoria Guna’s daughter Maggie wins Minor Puppy in Group, well done Meghan!

Guna’s daughter Coco wins Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Junior In Group at Gladstone today, well done!

05/04/09 Harley & Doulen’s babies at 2 1/2 wks!
04/04/09 Guna’s daughter Bid takes Best Minor Puppy in Group in South Australia today 😉
31/03/09 Check the great new pics of Guna daughter’s Maggie & Bid!
28/03/09 Check out some new pics of Harley & Doulen’s babies 😉
26/03/09 Big Congratulations to Wendy with Guna who was awarded Challenge Dog & Best of Breed at this years Toowoomba Royal, Guna & his progeny had a great day with his young daughter Coco taking Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed, his daughter Doti also won a large class & Stevie came 2nd in her class to Coco! We were also very happy to see Tink awarded 2nd place to Doti!
22/03/09 Stevie wins Challenge Bitch &  Runner Up Best of Breed & Ruger takes Reserve Challenge Dog at Tweed River Canine Club 😉

Today at Atherton Kennel Club Zeus wins Challenge Dog & Intermediate In Group, well done!

21/03/09 In Sweden Doulen’s son Kean goes nearly all the way at the Swedish Winners (breed entry 103) to win his 3rd CC1st CACIB & the Title SWEDISH WINNER 2009! Big Congratulations to Veronica who made it a Grand Slam with Kean’s cousin Iving taking BOB & Kean BOS, Iving also went on to get an amazing BIG-2, see more here!

Guna’s daughter Stevie wins Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed at Murgon Show Society today, well done!

Today at Tweed River Canine Club Doti takes Challenge Bitch again!!

At Atherton Kennel Club Doug’s son Zeus wins Reserve Challenge Dog!

20/03/09 At Tweed River Canine Club today Guna wins Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & his daughter Doti takes Challenge Bitch, well done Wendy!
18/03/09 Harley & Doulen’s gorgeous babies arrived today, 1 boy & 4 girls, all ridged, very little white,  1 girl has a very short ridge & also has a tiny kink in her tail & 1 girl has a sinus, Harley is being an excellent Mum 🙂 See pics here.

Check out a new pic of Hawk Kushika Secret Intention.

15/03/09 Today at Mackay Xander wins Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed at both Championship shows, well done!
14/03/09 Xander was Best DogRunner Up Best of Breed Intermediate In Group at the Open Show in Mackay today!
08/03/09 Today at Casino well done to Angus who was again Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & to Pink who was awarded Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of breed!
07/03/09 Well done to Angus who was Challenge DogBest of Breed & he also made the cut for the Group, & to Pink who was awarded Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of breed at Casino today!

Guna’s daughter Kushika Secret Bid wins Baby in Group in Victoria, well done!

06/03/09 Big Congratulations to Doulen & Meisha’s daughter Pink KoDust Cuz I Can who was awarded Bitch ChallengeBest of Breed & Best Exhibit In Group at Casino Kennel Club today, way to go Sarah 😉 & to Angus who was Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!
01/03/09 Clayton Heathcock (USA) of Camelot RR’s judged this years Victorian Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty, we were happy to hear that he awarded Guna’s son Hawk 1st place in Baby Puppy Dog & Opposite Baby Puppy in Show & Guna’s daughter Bid 2nd placein Baby Puppy Bitch, also in the winners circle was the sire of our last litter Kobe BIS Ch Mieridge Gatsbys Aplawz who won Best Gaited Dog & was Opposite Australian Bred in Show to his Mum Jazz Gr Ch Starridge Cawzfor Aplawz who was also awarded Reserve Challenge Bitch & Best Ridged Overall! Well done to all 🙂
28/02/09 Open show at Durack in Brisbane tonight & Ruger wins Best DogRunner Up Best of Breed & Best Minor Puppy in GroupDoug is Reserve Best Dog Stevie is Reserve Best Bitch!
21/02/09 At Killarney Show Society today Guna’s daughter Coco was Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed & Junior in Group, Doulen’s son Mason was Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed, Guna’s Grandson Max also won Baby in Group, way to go!!
14/02/09 Tonight in Brisbane Angus wins Challenge Dog & Guna’s daughter Coco takes Reserve Challenge Bitch Runner Up Best of Breed!

Today at Clifton Show Society Doug was Challenge Dog Best of BreedTink wins Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed & Intermediate In GroupKlancie is Reserve Challenge Bitch!

13/02/09 Harley’s ultrasound today has confirmed that she is in whelp, puppies will be due mid March 🙂
08/02/09 We very proudly introduce our newest Australian Grand ChampionDoug who is now known as Aust Gr Ch Riginal Do U Get Excited ET AI took his final points with a lovely Challenge Dog & Best of Breed win & was also considered for the Group :-)))) Tink did very well & was awarded Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of BreedRuger did well again winning Reserve Challenge Dog & Best Minor Puppy In Group, with Stevie taking Reserve Challenge Bitch!!!!

At Allora Kennel Club today Guna’s daughter Coco wins Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!

At Armidale today Guna is Reserve Challenge Dog!

Check out some great new pics of Angus!!

07/02/09 At Bundaberg Canine Club tonight Doug wins Challenge DogBest of Breed Reserve Exhibit In GroupKlancie takes Challenge Bitch & Stevie is Reserve Challenge Bitch!

Guna is Reserve Challenge Dog at Armidale today!

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Queensland has awarded Harley the Foxridge Trophy & Doug has been awarded the President’s Cup for their wins in 2008!

Received great news today with Guna’s daughter Lexus Umkimzulu GoodGolyMsMoly receiving hips 3+2=5, elbows 0+0 well done to breeder Sarah!

06/02/09 In NSW at Armidale today Guna is awarded Challenge DogBest of Breed & Open In Group & his daughter Doti wins Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of breed!
31/01/09 In Brisbane tonight Angus wins Challenge Dog (well done Sarah) & Runner Up Best of breed & Ruger takes Reserve Challenge Dog from the Minor Puppy Dog Class 🙂

Check out Doug’s newest champion progeny, Dougal now known as Aust Ch HuntingRidge Do U Get A Lion took his title in fine style with a Challenge Dog & Best of Breed win & also making the cut for Best In Group! Well done to Di & Robert.

30/01/09 In Brisbane tonight Doug wins Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed & Guna’s daughter Stevie Aust Ch Kenjala Starz Inher Eyez takes Reserve Challenge Bitch!

In the Netherlands today, BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Katja with Ambika who was awarded BISS Puppy at a club show with about 40 puppies entered! Ambika is a daughter of Zanta!

25/01/09 Guna kids had a great day today:-)))

In NSW at Dorrigo & District Kennel Club Guna’s daughter Doti Aust Ch Taiping Kisd Byan Angel takes a lovely Challenge BitchBest of Breed whilst Guna takes Challenge Dog & Open In Group!

In Brisbane tonight with a nice RR entry Guna’s daughter Coco Abdesare Midnight Mist is awarded Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Reserve Exhibit in Group at only 12mths of age, Reserve Challenge Bitch went to another daughter Stevie Aust Ch Kenjala Starz Inher Eyez, & still showing he can outrun the younger dogs was Doulen’s son Mason Aust Gr Ch Marmatia Naadir Dejan taking Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of BreedDoug was Reserve Challenge Dog!

24/01/09 Today Guna wins Challenge Dog at Dorrigo & District Kennel Club.
19/01/09 Diva & kids & Xander have some new pics on their pages!
18/01/09 See our New Litter update.

Selous has his first litter in New Zealand, 15 puppies (9 boys, 6 girls) all ridged, no ds or kinked tails, see the latest pics here!

Check out a couple of new pics of DougRuger & Tink, also some of Guna’s latest progeny Bid & Hawk!

11/01/09 Today at Darling Downs Kennel Club Doug was awarded Challenge Dog & Ruger wins Best Minor Puppy In Group!!
10/01/09 At Darling Downs Kennel Club Doug is awarded Challenge Dog & Best of BreedKlancie takes Reserve Challenge Bitch.
At the Open Show Klancie was Best BitchBest of Breed & Best In GroupRuger was Best Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!Some more nice results for Guna’s progeny with his son Sammy – Marmatia Gunella Adusa receiving hips 1+1=2, elbows 0+0 & daughter Ash – Marmatia Gunella Aysha receiving hips 3+1=4, elbows 0+1, well done to their breeder Leslie!
06/01/09 Final results for 2008 Top RR in Australia on Dogzonline Pointscore, we are very happy to see that Guna – Ch Riginal SV Gunavagoodtime AI has finished on #16 (Well done Wendy) closely followed by our girl Klancie – Riginal Flaunt It on #18Harley – Ch Riginal SV Harley N Rose ET AI & Doug – Ch Riginal Do U Get Excited ET AI both finished in the top 30.
04/01/09 Very pleased to report that Kean aka Kodust RV Touch O Chilli, despite limited showing & starting very late in the season has finished as No 14 Best Male RR in Sweden, what a clever boy 🙂

Great results at Maryborough Kennel Club today with Guna’s daughter Karla who was awarded Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed, way to go!

02/01/09 Check out a couple of nice head shots of Tink!

**Happy New Year**