Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year
from all of us at

12/12/10 Well done to Miss Asia who was Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Best Puppy in Group beating her Grandfather Guna who was Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed today 🙂
11/12/10 Today at Walcha Guna is Challenge Dog & Asia places 4th in Puppy Sweepstakes!
10/12/10 Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed at Walcha today!!
06/12/10 Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & Asia is Reserve Challenge Bitch at Uralla!!
05/12/10 At Uralla today Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed!!!
04/12/10 Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & Doti is Reserve Challenge Bitch at Uralla today!!
27/11/10 At Dorrigo today Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of BreedAsia is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Best Minor Puppy in Group!!
22/11/10 Today at Caboolture Doti is Reserve Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed & her Dad Guna is Challenge Dog, big Congrats today for Guna ;)))))
21/11/10 At the Open Show at Caboolture Easy is Best Bitch & Best of Breed & Dalton is Best Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed 😉
19/11/10 Very wet at the Sunshine Coast tonight, Ruger is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed (run for Group) & his daughter Asia wins a very nice Reserve Challenge Bitch & Best Minor Puppy in Group, go Asia 😉
14/11/10 Coco wins Reserve Challenge Bitch in Newcastle today!
13/11/10 Today Coco wins Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Reserve Exhibit in Group in Newcastle, go Coco 😉
06/11/10 Tonight at Durack under International judges again Ruger wins Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!
05/11/10 At Durack tonight with International judges Guna wins Reserve Challenge Dog!
30/10/10 Woo Hoo, Big CONGRATULATIONS to Guna & Mashiri’s daughter Coco RUBIS RUBISS Ch Adbesare Midnight Mist, on her Runner Up Best in Show win today, well done to everyone involved!! This win is extra special as our handsome boy Doulen MBIS RUBIS MBISS RUBISS Gr Ch Bearstar Doulen Ko ET ROM is Coco’s great-grandfather on both sides of her pedigree 🙂
17/10/10 At Inverell again today Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & Asia is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!

In Nth Qld Zeus is Challenge DogRunner Up Best of Breed & Open in group!!

16/10/10 At Inverell Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & Asia is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed again!

Today Zeus wins Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!

15/10/10 Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & Asia is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed at Inverell today!
10/10/10 At Durack today Dalton is Reserve Challenge Dog.
04/10/10 Today at the Hound Club of New South Wales show Guna’s son Gus Marmatia Gunella Gusto wins a very nice Reserve Challenge Dog, well done Gus 😉
03/10/10 Some more nice wins today at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty with Guna’s daughters Coco & Stevie both doing well 😉 and their Grandmother Patience placing 3rd in Veteran Sweepstakes 10 & over!
02/10/10 Super Congratulations to Sarah & the new champ Miss Pink who is now known as Aust Ch KoDust Cuz I Can AI, she is the 14th Champ for her Dad Doulen & the 4th Champ for her Mum Meisha, well done!!

Check out some lovely pics of a couple of Kean & Toya’s lovely babies in Finland here!

Today at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty held in New South Wales RugerGuna & Doug’s son Dougal all placed in their classes!

25/09/10 BIG BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Klancie’s Dad Kobe MBIS RUBISS Gr Ch Mieridge Gatsby’s Aplawz AI on taking Best in Group 4 today at the Melbourne Royal, way to go Jodie, Kay & breeder Sue!
23/09/10 More great results for Guna & Mashiri’s kids with Ch Adbesare Midnight Mist – Hips 1+3=4, Elbows 0+0, well done Coco 🙂
19/09/10 In Brisbane today Dalton wins Reserve Challenge DogRunner Up Best of Breed & Best Intermediate in GroupPink wins a very nice Challenge Bitch, well done 😉
18/09/10 We had a great day in Brisbane today with the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Queensland holding 2 Open Specialty Shows & the Hound Club of Qld also having 2 Open Shows. Brilliant results with a BEST IN SHOW for Ruger & a RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW for Guna’s daughter Coco (that now makes “3” of his daughters all from different litters who have won Runner Up Best In Show at Specialty level) see our other great results here, thanks to Anthony & Kerrie for taking some great pics!

Well done to Klancie’s Dad Kobe MBIS RUBISS Gr Ch Mieridge Gatsby’s Aplawz AI on his lovely Best of Breed win at this years Melbourne Royal, good luck for General Specials 🙂

12/09/10 Same results again today at Gunnedah, Guna is Reserve Challenge Dog Runner Up Best of Breed & Doti is Reserve Challenge Bitch, but today Attalus who did very well for his first weekend of shows beat his sister Asia for Minor Puppy of Breed!
11/09/10 BIG BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Guna’s daughter Bid Ch Kushika Secret Bid on taking out Challenge Bitch & RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW at this years Western Australia Specialty under Mr Eddie Patterson from Ireland, her breeder Di Stratton also won BEST IN SHOW with her boy Shaab as well as Reserve Challenge Bitch & numerous other awards…… you go girl!!!

Today at Gunnedah Guna is Reserve Challenge Dog Runner Up Best of Breed & Doti is Reserve Challenge Bitch!

At Beenleigh today Easy wins Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Reserve Exhibit in GroupHarley is Reserve Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed & Dalton is Challenge Dog, good kids 🙂

10/09/10 At Gunnedah today Guna wins Reserve Challenge Dog & Ruger & Doti’s daughter Asia is awarded Reserve Challenge Bitch & Minor Puppy in Group good girl Miss Asia!
05/09/10 Check out a great pic of Guna’s son Hawk Kushika Secret Intention, he is maturing very nicely 🙂

In Nth Qld Doug’s son Zeus is Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!

04/09/10 Today at Beaudesert Pink KoDust Cuz I Can AI wins Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed, clever girl Pink!
29/08/10 Big Congrats to the 10th Australian Champion for Gatsby Am Ch Spring Valley’s Great GatsbyTahj Aust Ch Mieridge Pawzfor Aplawz AI ET achieved his title in fine style today taking Best of Breed & Reserve Exhibit in Group, well done to all involved ;-))

Zeus is Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!

28/08/10 Excellent news with Lexie Riginal Witchy Woman AII, receiving Hips 3:3 Grade 1  Int Grade B Elbows 0:0 🙂

In Nth Qld Zeus is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed, good man!!

22/08/10 All the hard work, cold/windy days for training, leaving home at 2am for a very frosty start at Kingaroy was worth it when KlancieStevie easily completed their Endurance Test today, well done girls & Shane!! Special thanks to Kerrie who looked after us & took some great pics 🙂

Guna is Reserve Challenge Dog & Doti is Reserve Challenge Bitch at Murwillumbah today!

Zeus is Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed in Nth Qld today!

21/08/10 Today at Murwillumbah Doti is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed & Guna is Reserve Challenge Dog!

In Nth Qld Doug’s son Zeus is Challenge DogBest of Breed & Open in Group!

20/08/10 At Murwillumbah today Guna is Reserve Challenge Dog & Doti is Reserve Challenge Bitch!
15/08/10 In Brisbane today Pink is Reserve Challenge Bitch!
07/08/10 At this years Brisbane Royal Show Harley is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Asia wins Best Baby Puppy of Breed, what a clever girl!!!!
03/08/10 Have a look at a couple of new pics of Ruger & Doti’s daughter Hua!
02/08/10 Finally put some pics up from the June Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty in Qld & some new pics of Zim!

Today at Dubbo Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of BreedAsia finishes off the long weekend with another Baby Puppy in Group, what a clever little Miss :-))

01/08/10 Tis morning at Dubbo Asia again wins 3rd place in 3-6mths sweepstakes & in the afternoon Guna wins Challenge Dog & Best of BreedDoti is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed & Asia is Baby Puppy in Group :-))

Guna’s daughter Bid Kushika Secret Bid wins Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Reserve Exhibit in Group, she then wins Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed at the next show!

31/07/10 At Dubbo this morning Ruger & Doti’s daughter Asia wins 3rd place in 3-6mths sweepstakes (17 entered) & this afternoon Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed Doti is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!

At Pine Rivers today Ruger is Challenge DogBest of Breed & Reserve Exhibit in Group while Pink is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!

In Nth Qld Zeus is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed!

Today Bid wins Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!

28/07/10 Check out some great new pics of Dalton & Lexie!

Great results for Guna & Mashiri’s daughter Ch Adbesare Rani Mashika – Hips 2+3=5, Elbows 0+0, well done Karla 🙂

25/07/10  Zeus is Challenge Dog today in Nth Qld!
24/07/10 Doug’s son Zeus is Challenge Dog & Runner up Best of Breed again today!!
23/07/10 In Nth Qld today Doug’s son Zeus is Challenge Dog & Runner up Best of Breed!
18/07/10 At Murwillumbah today Guna is Challenge DogBest of Breed & makes the cut for Group, Doti is Reserve Challenge Bitch &Runner Up Best of BreedAsia did very well & took another Baby Puppy in Group!!

In Nth Qld today Doug’s son Zeus is Challenge Dog & Runner up Best of Breed!

17/07/10 Proudly announcing the arrival of Maya & Kean’s S Ch SV-09 KoDust RV Touch O Chilli Russian babies. 4 boys + 3 girls – all black nosed, red wheaten with standard ridges. 🙂

Today at Murwillumbah Guna is Reserve Challenge Dog & Runner up Best of BreedDoti is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Asiawins Baby Puppy in Group again 😉

In Victoria Lexie wins Reserve Challenge Bitch, what a clever girl well done to Sue & handler Jodie!!

At Samford today Ruger is Reserve Challenge Dog & Guna’s daughter Coco is Reserve Challenge Bitch!

In Nth Qld Zeus is Challenge Dog Best of Breed!

16/07/10 At Murwillumbah today Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of BreedDoti is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed & Ruger & Doti’s daughter Asia is Baby Puppy in Group!
11/07/10 Big Congrats to Guna’s daughter Coco Ch Adbesare Midnight Mist who was Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed at this years Hound Club of Qld Championship Show, well done Sarah!!!

In Nth Qld Doug’s son Zeus Ch LaSimba Heart Throb was Challenge Dog & Best of Breed!

04/07/10 Doti is Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed & Guna is Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed at Gunnedah today!

In Brisbane today Dalton is Reserve Challenge Dog & Harley is Reserve Challenge Bitch!

03/07/10 Doti is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed & Guna is Challenge Dog!

Today in Brisbane Harley is Challenge Bitch Best of Breed & Dalton is Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed 🙂

In Victoria today a big CONGRATULATIONS to Sue, Kay & Jodie on their boy Kobe Gr Ch Mieridge Gatsbys Aplawz AI winning another BEST IN SHOW, great achievement – Kobe is the sire of our 2007 litter 🙂

20/06/10 Guna is Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & Doti is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed again at Gunnedah today!

Zeus is Challenge DogBest of Breed & Open in Group again in Nth Qld today!

19/06/10 Great results at Gunnedah again today with Guna taking Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & Doti was Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!

In Nth Qld today Zeus is Challenge DogBest of Breed & Open in Group, well done Julie!

18/06/10 At Gunnedah today Guna was Challenge Dog & Best of Breed & Doti was Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed 🙂
14/06/10 Today at Durack Pink KoDust Cuz I Can wins a lovely Reserve Challenge Bitch, good girl Pink 🙂
13/06/10 Durack today & Guna’s son Gus Marmatia Gunella Gusto wins Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed, lovely win!!

Today in Nth Qld Zeus is Reserve Challenge Dog!

12/06/10 Great results from the RRCQ Inc’s Specialty Show, check them out here!

In Nth Qld Doug’s son Zeus was Reserve Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!

11/06/10 At Toogoolawah today Harley was Challenge Bitch & Best of BreedDalton was Challenge Dog!
06/06/10 Today in Brisbane at the Open Show Pink is Best Bitch & Best of Breed & the new kid on the block Asia Taiping Take A Chanceat her very first show takes Baby of Breed, what a clever girl! Asia is Ruger & Doti’s daughter. At the Champ show Pink is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed!
30/05/10 Received excellent news today for Dalton & Easy’s hip & elbow scores – Riginal Doolin Dalton Hips 1:1 Grade 0  Int Grade A Elbows 0:0 – Riginal Take It Easy Hips 3:0 Grade 1  Int Grade B Elbows 0:0, what good kids 🙂

Today in Brisbane Ruger is Challenge DogBest of Breed & Intermediate in GroupPink is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of BreedBlitz is Reserve Challenge Dog Coco is Reserve Challenge Bitch, well done!

29/05/10 Today in Brisbane Dalton was Reserve Challenge Dog & Pink was Reserve Challenge Bitch!
At the Open Show Dalton was Best Dog & Best of Breed & Pink was Best Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed 😉
23/05/10 Today Bid continued her winning taking Best Intermediate In Show :-))
22/05/10 Big Big Congratulations to Guna & Bailey’s daughter Bid Aust Ch Kushika Secret Bid who took her Australian Championship Title in fine style by winning Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Best in Group, well done to Breeder Di & co-owner Ann, excellent news 🙂 Bid is Guna’s 5th champ, very proud!

At Esk today Dalton wins Challenge Dog & Best of BreedHarley is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed & Pink takes Intermediate in Group, what a good girl!!!

16/05/10 At the Gold Coast today Harley is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of BreedDalton is Reserve Challenge Dog & Stevie is Reserve Challenge Bitch!
09/05/10 Today in Brisbane at the Champ show Harley is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed & at the Open Show Stevie is Best Bitch & Best of BreedHarley is Reserve Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed & Ruger is Best Dog!

In Nth Qld Zeus is Reserve Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!

08/05/10 Today Zeus is Challenge DogBest of Breed & Runner Up Best in Group, what a clever boy for your birthday Zeus 😉
03/05/10 Today in Nth Qld Zeus is Reserve Challenge Dog.
02/05/10 Big well done to Guna’s daughter Bid who placed 5th in a large class at this years Rhodesian Ridgeback National in Adelaide 🙂

Doug’s son Zeus wins Challenge Dog & Best of Breed in Nth Qld today!

01/05/10 In Nth Qld Zeus wins Reserve Challenge Dog & Open in Group 🙂
30/04/10 In Marburg today Klancie finished her Australian Title in style by taking Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed, what a clever girl 🙂 Guna’s son Blitz was awarded Challenge Dog Runner Up Best of Breed & Ruger was Reserve Challenge Dog!
26/04/10 Check out some gorgeous pics of Ruger & Doti’s babies almost 8wks here!

Received exciting news from Satu in Finland – Bawabu C-litter arrived yesterday 3 dogs + 5 bitches. All with lovely ridges, one bitch with slight offset, so far no other flaws or DS detected. All black nosed and red wheaten. Birth weights 510 – 718 g. Big Congratulations & well done 😉
Dam: C.I.B. Nordic CH, FI, EE, DK, SE & NO CH, EE W-07 Bawabu Tekeleza Taraja – Toya
Sire: SE CH, SE W-09 KoDust RV Touch O Chilli – Kean
Kean is a son of our boy  Doulen MBIS RUBIS MRUBISS RUBISS Gr Ch Bearstar Doulen Ko ET ROM & Meisha BISS RUBISS Ch Riginal Hot N Dusty! Visit Kean in Sweden at Rex Ventors Kennels, this is Kean’s first litter & we are very proud!

25/04/10 This weekend we travelled to Gunnedah to meet up with Wendy for 3 days of socialising & showing under International judges 😉

Today at Gunnedah Ruger takes Challenge Dog & Best of Breed with Dalton winning Reserve Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of BreedHarley is Challenge Bitch & Easy is Reserve Challenge Bitch, last day of a great weekend!!

Bid again wins Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed in SA today!

24/04/10 Ruger wins Challenge DogBest of Breed & Open in Group today at Gunnedah, Harley is Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of BreedDalton is Reserve Challenge Dog & Easy is Reserve Challenge Bitch!

In SA Bid wins Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed, clever girl 🙂

23/04/10 At Gunnedah today Dalton wins Challenge Dog & Best of BreedEasy is Challenge Bitch Runner Up Best of Breed – well done Wendy ;-), Ruger is Reserve Challenge Dog & Harley is Reserve Challenge Bitch!
18/04/10 Great weekend news from the US with Lottie’s son Leroy BIF FCH Sweet Creek’s Vive Le Roi SC  becoming a Field Championwith his sister Stella coming a close second, he ended the day by taking Best in Field, BIG Congratulations!!!

Check out some lovely new pics of Lexie Riginal Witchy Woman & some great pics of Ruger & Doti’s pups at 6 1/2wks!

Today in Nth Qld Zeus wins Challenge Dog & Best of Breed 🙂

17/04/10 In Nth Qld Doug’s son Zeus takes Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!
11/04/10 Big Congratulations to Ruger who takes his final points to become …… Aust Ch Rex Ventors Rare Edition (Imp Sweden) with Challenge Dog & Best of Breed today 🙂 Wooo Hoooo!! Also well done to Stevie who was Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed & Best Australian Bred in Group!! What a GREAT weekend ;-))

Check out new pics of Ruger & Doti’s beautiful babies at Taiping Kennels!!

10/04/10 At Nanango today Harley wins Challenge BitchBest of Breed Best in Group!! Ruger takes Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed!!

In SA today Guna’s daughter Bid is Reserve Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed & Intermediate in Group!!

09/04/10 Today at Nanango Stevie is Challenge Bitch & Best of BreedEasy is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed,Dalton is Challenge Dog & Ruger is Reserve Challenge Dog!
04/04/10 Bid is Reserve Challenge Bitch in SA again today!
03/04/10 In SA today Bid is Reserve Challenge Bitch!
29/03/10 New pics of Doti & Ruger’s lovely babies at 3 1/2 wks here!
28/03/10 Guna’s daughter Bid Kushika Secret Bid takes Reserve Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed in SA today!
27/03/10 Great news Ruger takes more points towards his champ title by taking Challenge Dog & Best of Breed today at Goombungee!!!! Stevie was Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed Best Australian Bred in GroupDalton was Reserve Challenge DogHarley was Reserve Challenge Bitch!
21/03/10 Check out new pics of Doti & Ruger’s beautiful babies here, fat little slugs 😉 A lovely show boy is looking for an established show home, for more info & pics please contact Wendy at Taiping Kennels, by email

Doug & Zennie’s son Zeus takes Challenge DogRunner Up Best of Breed & Open in Group in Nth Qld today!

20/03/10 At Murgon Show Society today Ruger was Challenge Dog & Best of BreedKlancie was Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of BreedDalton was Reserve Challenge Dog & Stevie was Reserve Challenge Bitch well done kids 🙂

In North Qld Doug & Zennie’s son Zeus Ch LaSimba Heart Throb takes Challenge DogBest of Breed & Reserve Exhibit in Group, well done!

14/03/10 In SA Guna’s daughter Bid Kushika Secret Bid wins Reserve Challenge Bitch!
13/03/10 In the Netherlands Doug & Zennie’s lovely daughter Zanta BJW’06 LaSimba Out Of N’Gai Zamu (AUST GRAND CH Riginal Do U Get Excited AI ET x AUST CH Starridge Kamili Zenith) has whelped 9 beautiful babies, 5 girls & 4 boys to the very handsome Misha Int Ch Lux Youth CH Aresvuma Vividjo Makini – well done to Katja, to see pics of these beautiful babies go to N’Gai Zamu Rhodesian Ridgebacks 🙂

At Proston today Dalton was Challenge Dog & Puppy in Group!

07/03/10 In the USA Sundown’s lovely daughter Randa AM CH Sundown Randa Jamille, JC (AM/CAN CH Riginal Sundown x  CH Luna’s Lyre of Parnassus) has whelped 9 beautiful babies, 2 girls & 7 boys to the very handsome Ikaika AM CH Pupkea Ridge Ikaika O Spring Valley CGC, TDI!! Well done to Alan & Barb, to see pics of these beautiful babies go to Jamille Ridgebacks 🙂
06/03/10 Excellent news, Guna & Mashiri have a new champ Ch Adbesare Rani Mashika achieved her title with Bitch ChallengeBest of Breed & Reserve Exhibit In Group, this is the 2nd Champ from this litter & Guna’s 4th Champion, well done Kahla & proud Mum Kirstin 😉

At Pittsworth today Harley wins Bitch Challenge & Runner Up Best of Breed & Dalton is Reserve Challenge Dog!

03/03/10 Big Congratulations to Wendy & Lamy of Taiping Kennels on a lovely first litter from “Doti” Aust Ch Taiping Kisd Byan Angel,(Aust Ch Riginal SV Gunavagoodtime AI x Aust Ch Riginal Angel Stardust) & our Swedish boy “Ruger” Rex Ventors Rare Edition (Imp Swd),(SuCh FinCh African Hunter’s Amazing Baskervill (Swd) SuCh SvCh Ch Rex Ventors Limited Edition (Swd). 5 beautiful babies 2 boys & 3 girls, Doti & bubs are all doing great 🙂 See Day 1 pics here!
27/02/10 We had a show at Durack tonight, Dalton had a lovely win taking Challenge Dog & Best of Breed beating his Mum Harley who was Challenge Bitch, he was also considered for Best in Group ;-))

At the Open Show Guna’s daughter Coco was Best BitchBest of Breed & Best Intermediate in GroupRuger was Best Dog Runner Up Best of Breed & Stevie was Reserve Best Bitch!

20/02/10 At Killarney today Dalton is Reserve Challenge Dog & Klancie is Reserve Challenge Bitch!
07/02/10 Today at Bundaberg Harley wins Challenge BitchBest of Breed & Open in GroupRuger takes Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed & Stevie is Reserve Challenge Bitch, we had a great weekend at Bundaberg camping with friends & the rain today did cool it down a bit 😉
06/02/10 This afternoon at Bundaberg Ruger was awarded Reserve Challenge Dog & Runner Up Best of Breed & Easy wins Reserve Challenge Bitch!
30/01/10 At Durack tonight Dalton wins Best Puppy in Group, well done Mr 😉

At the Open show this afternoon Dalton was Reserve Best DogEasy was Reserve Best Bitch & Ruger was Intermediate in Group!!

29/01/10 Tonight at Durack Guna’s daughter Karla wins Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed with strong competition, Ruger wins Reserve Challenge Dog & Harley is Reserve Challenge Bitch :-))
17/01/10 Today at Burnett Kennel Club Easy wins Reserve Challenge BitchRunner Up Best of Breed Junior in Group & Ruger winsReserve Challenge Dog 🙂
16/01/10 This afternoon at Burnett Kennel Club Dalton wins Reserve Challenge Dog & Guna’s daughter Stevie is Reserve Challenge Bitch!
08/01/10 The 2009 Dogzonline pointscore results are now final & we are very proud to have “RIGINAL” place as 4th Best BreederAustralia wide 🙂 We have had some great results from limited showing with a big well done to Guna’s progeny who have done exceptionally well, his daughter Stevie being #1 RR Bitch in Queensland & his daughter Bid being #1 Bitch in Australia for the Rising Star Competition!!  Check out more results for our dogs & their progeny at Dogzonline!!
01/01/10 In South Australia Guna’s daughter Bid starts off the year with Challenge Bitch & Best of Breed!!!

**Happy New Year**